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KSL: Digital business strategy and transformation

Our Experience


KSL provide a wide range of Information Capability Consultancy Services built on a reputation for trust, professionalism and reliability to provide customers with the Information Advantage.

KSL provide businesses with a tailored Digital Business Strategy which enables Digital Transformation and generates true competitive advantage.

KSL have extensive experience in delivering Mission Critical communication solutions often in austere and challenging environments, for public safety, disaster relief, transport and industry using PMR and LTE/TETRA technologies. 

The KSL portfolio of services also includes IT Project Management and Management of Risk specialising in the Defence and National Security sector.

We have extensive experience in Service Management Delivery (Service Now) including Service Desk and IT Support (SITS).    

KSL understand that Information is your most valuable business asset; careful management and strategic direction will give you the edge and provide business intelligence superiority.   Ask us about:

  • IT Programme & Project Management
  • IT Service Delivery & Management
  • Service Desk & IT Support (SITS)
  • Service Desk Migration
  • Cyber and Information Security
  • Management of Risk (M_o_R)
  • Information Management
  • Agile and DevOps
  • Digital Business Strategy
  • Mission Critical Communications

Our Approach


Our service includes a comprehensive consultation which will inform your Digital Transformation pathway linked to the Digital Business Strategy.  The merging of IT and corporate strategy is now seen as critical to underpinning your specific information needs and gaining the business advantage over competitors through technology.   Understanding and analysis of how the organisation uses information allows for an informed decision on technology investment driving forward the delivery of robust, resilient and agile cloud based solutions for  critical business applications.  

Organisations must stay ahead to remain agile, flexible and competitive.
We offer Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (P3M) consultancy, Management of Risk and IT Service Management solutions.

Our company logo is the Falcon depicting precision, energy, foresight, tenacity, vision and  accuracy.   

Why Us?


Using underpinning Information Capability Management (ICM) gained from 35 years military experience combined with a business partner with 28 years delivering ITSM in the public sector, we are a strong combination able to bring that experience to your organisation.   

We understand the linkage between information superiority and advantage in order to provide effective Command and Control.  We can bring digital strategic advantage and benefit realisation to your business.   Win the 'information manoeuvre' space and stay ahead of the competition.  Call or email today to learn more.





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